Renters insurance in florida. Is my roommate covered?

Thousands of people in Florida live with a roommate. Why not? Having a roommate can be such a fun experience, whether it be a college roommate sharing a dorm or apartment, or simply renting with friends to get away from mom and dad’s house. So if you are sharing your rental and splitting the rent, and you purchase renters insurance in Florida, will your roommate also be covered?

The answer is no, according to Your policy will not extend and protect your roommate. Unless, your roommate is listed on your policy as well. Roommates are usually excluded. It is recommended that each roommate purchases separate policies.

Why can’t my roommate be covered?

Florida renters insurance policies are not priced for the risk of your roommate according to . As you may already know, companies will use a list of factors in order to determine the price for one individual. For example, a policy for each person will cover the likelihood of a claim.

Is there any way to add my roommate to my policy?

Some companies will allow a policyholder to list other people to their policy but it is not advisable to do so. Never add your roommate to your policy.
If your roommate is listed on your policy, and they need to file a claim, it can be serious. This will result in higher premiums, for the policyholder and not the roommate. All the backlash will be on you, the policyholder.

Sure you can save money with one single policy but don’t do it! That amount of savings is so small it’s not worth the risk to you (the policyholder). In addition a roommate filing a claim on your policy, is fraud. Insurance companies have many dedicated resources to detecting fraud.

So I shouldn’t add anyone to my policy?

Renters insurance in Florida from allows you to add people to your policy. The only time this is acceptable is when a policyholder lives with a boyfriend/girlfriend. However, this should be discussed with your significant other. As a policyholder, you may feel uncomfortable, taking on the risk of a significant other.

Any roommates living in a dorm or in a university will automatically be covered by their parent’s homeowners policy.

Hopefully by reading this guide, you have a better understanding of renters coverage. It is necessary to have. It’s also not recommended to share it with a roommate. Educate yourself before purchasing coverage.